The Dillman Approach

To change societal behavior towards driver safety and performance, we need to consider how each element in the driving environment will interact. Doing small things consistently well will lead to sustainable results. With Dillman, training is client focused. Understanding inner motivations encourages the driver to realize more of their potential; thus providing a baseline to make meaningful change and reach an individual goal. We prepare drivers of all ages and backgrounds to properly identify, assess, and address the physical, mental, and emotional variables they will inevitably encounter while operating a motor vehicle -- at the very basic or most elite level.


Robert Dillman: Lead Instructor

Robert Dillman develops and provides innovative driver training programs focused on driver psychology, kinesiology, vehicle dynamics, stress management, and situational awareness. Dillman programs exceed even the most elite expectations. An award-winning Instructor, Robert is a former law enforcement officer with a background in behavioral and performance psychology. He has trained military, law enforcement, and government personnel; coached professional drivers who currently compete at the world class level; and instructed numerous students who have appeared in major motion pictures as both stunt and precision drivers.

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Past Performance

Voted Best in Tampa for five consecutive years (2012-2017), Best in Forsyth County, Georgia (2018), and is currently nominated for Best in Jacksonville 2019. Robert frequently shares his passion for safe driving by participating in community speaking opportunities. His recent engagements include the Florida Teen Safe Driver Coalition, the Regional SADD conference, as well as the Young Mens Service League. He is also an expert contributor to many publications on driver safety and vehicle dynamics. His most recent projects include features with First Coast News, The British Parking Association, NBC News, ABC Action News, and the Tampa Bay Times. 


Training System

Robert has selected the 2017 Ford Mustang as the training system for all programs. The mustang offers the style and allure of a sports car coupled with a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The vehicle is fully licensed by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles; include a secondary braking system and decals indicating that training may be in session. 

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