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Are Manufacturers Ready for Driver Responsibility?

A few months ago Fiat Chrysler recalled 4.8 million vehicles after it was found that cruise control refused to turn off. This would potentially leave drivers careening down the roadway unable to stop. While the automaker suggested shifting the car into neutral and braking, the car would have to be at a full stop and in park before cruise control would cancel engagement. Even this was a best-case scenario.

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Stunt Driving

Robert Dillman of the Dillman Driving School was featured in this segment by Fox 5 News, Atlanta.

If you've ever watched a car chase in an action movie and thought, "I want to do that!" -- we've got some good news. The biggest name in Hollywood stunt driving is bringing his stunt driving school right here to Atlanta.

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Meet Your Driving Coach: Robert Dillman

Robert was only 9 years old when he pulled his first adrenaline filled maneuver behind the wheel. While cruising Californias famous 405 Robert's mother suffered a seizure and collapsed at the wheel. Without hesitation he jumped into action and drove the vehicle through traffic, managing to pull it safely onto the shoulder. This story garnered quite a bit of attention, and he soon found himself on national television and mingling with some of his favorite celebrities.

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