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Are You a New Driver Who Struggles With Turns? Here's How to Fix it.

Everything will be going well until we have to turn. Then the once stable car gets whipped around, and as the curb approaches, the driver quickly develops “that” gaze. If you’ve driven for a while, you have experienced “that” gaze. It’s the same look when you hit ice or hydroplane or nearly get in a crash with a stationary object. That same look when an animal jumps in front of your car. It’s that unbreakable stare with inevitability.

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Things You Didn't Learn in Driver's Ed: Fuel Saving Tips

Back in the day, I remember fuel costs being minimal; under a buck. Even then my parents would gripe about how expensive it was. Now that I’m a parent tasked with keeping the tank full, I understand their frustration. As the owner of a driving school, it may come as a surprise, but there aren’t any secrets to saving money at the pump. In fact, aside from the increase in gas prices, not much else has changed. The same tried and true methods from back in the day remain current. Here are 5 classic tips to squeeze a few extra pennies at the pump. 

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